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Glass beads was made from glass sand which crushed by glass blocks and plate glass,fused by high tempreture in the electric furnace.

Glass beads is in low heat conduction,nice strength,good chemical stability.

Typical chemical specifications

SiO2 Na2O Fe2O3 Al2O3 MgO CaO Others
71.0% 14. 0% 0.1% 2.0% 4.0% 7.0% 1.6%


Physics specifications

LPD RD Mohs HRC RI Roundness Magnetics
1.6g/cm3 2.5g/cm3 6-7 46 1.5min ≥80.0% ≤0.1%



1. Road marking glass beads

CHINA Standard ---JT-1/JT-2

UK Standard --BS6088A/ BS6088 B

USA Standard---AASHTO-M247-I / AASHTO-M247-II

Sough Korea standard--KS1/ KS2 

Europe standard---EN 1424 DROPING ON/ EN 1423 MIXING


2. Sandblasting glass beads

MESH Diameter range(um)
20-30 850-600
20-40 850-425
40-60 425-250
50-70 300-200
60-100 250-150
80-140 180-100
100-140 150-100
100-200 150-70
140-200 100-70
140-270 100-50
200-325 70-45
<325 <44

3.Filling/Grinding glass beads

0.4-0.6mm 0.6-0.8mm 0.6-1.0mm 0.8-1.0mm

0.8-1.2mm 1-1.5mm 2-3mm 3-4mm 4-5mm 5-6mm


4. Precise glass beads

Size:2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm 16mm



Application details


1. Road marking glass beads

Can be divided into dropping on type and mixing  type;

Using for roading and to raise the safety of night driving by it’s reflective performance.

Dropping on glass beads can be directly dropping on the road marks;

Mixing glass beads need to use together ;


2.Sandblasting glass beads

Mainly using for the surface sandblasting and shot blasting of metals,glass,rubber and plastics,acrylic,and can avoid the workpieces be damaged.


3. Filling/Grinding glass beads

Mainly using as filling media of weighted-blanket,plush toys,eyeshade,medical package, uniform filled and good textures

Meanwhile can be used as grinding media for paint,oil,coating,pigment,etc.


4. Precise glass beads

High precision and roundness,can be used as media for chemical ink,wine bottle cap,water pum valve,cosmetics valve,machinery bearings.