Chrome ore

Product Raw Material: Cr2O3

Application Area: Steel industry, Foundry industry, Glass industry

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Top quality foundry chromite sand manufacturer (south africa).The chromite sand is a product of south africa natural chromite ore after crushing and sieving. 

*Melting point of 2150°C

*Good thermal conductivity

*Good resistance to thermal shock

*Excellent resistance to metal penetration or burn-on

*Resists slag attack

*High dimensional stability

Item Index
Cr2O3 ≥46.0%
SiO2 ≤1.0%
FeO ≤26.5%
CaO ≤0.30%
MgO ≤10.0%
Al2O3 ≤15.5%
P ≤0.003%
S ≤0.003%
Cr/Fe 1.55:1
Bulk Density 2.5-3g/cm³
Color Black
PH 7-9
The amount of the acid ≤ 2 ML
Percent soil ≤0.1%
Percent Moisture ≤0.1%
The sintered 1600°C
Filling density   2.6
Sintering point   > 1,800°C
Melting temperature  2,180°C


Chromite Sand in the foundry industry

Its properties enable the material to be used in high duty grey iron and steel foundries as core and mould making sand. Its high thermal conductivity gives it good chilling properties, low thermal expansion gives rise to good dimensional stability. 

Chromite Sand in the steel industry

In steel production, Chromite Sand is used as well filler for protection of the sliding gate  in large steel holding ladles.

Chromite Sand in the glass industry

When ground to a fine flour, Chromite Sand is used for the production of green glass beverage containers.